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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Instax Mini Film - Mother's Day 2017

Day 4

Reflection : I realize this isn't a painting or drawing, so I feel like I'm cheating slightly.  I didn't spend time painting, as it was Mother's Day and there was ALOT going on.  However at the start of this challenge I told myself that anything creative would count, and I say photography is art, therefore this is what I made today.  Actually, I should say I creatively directed this, photo curtesy of my son's neighborhood 6 year old friend.  However, I did take a lot of photos on my film camera, so those photos won't be seen until I get the film developed...

Day 5

Reflection : No painting for today, instead just some words.  I spent day 5 relaxing and catching up on homework, errands to run, things to cross off the to-do list.  With all of the stuff that I ended up doing, the amount of productivity on the important stuff, it is strange that I still somehow manage to feel incredibly unproductive...  Why must I be so harsh on myself?  I feel words of discouragement, if there is such a thing.  I am feeling very hard on myself, low, blue.  I don't want to dwell here.

4.5"  x 4.5" watercolor and charcoal on cold press

4.5" x 4.5" watercolor and charcoal on cold press

Day 6

Reflection : After feeling down on myself for not making anything Day 5, I encouraged myself to make more today.  And one of the things I painted, I'm not showing because I'm not proud of it.  I received an orchid for Mother's Day and finally painted it.  I have felt a yearning to paint and create plants lately, as I would love to be able to keep them in my room, and stop them from dying.  However, I believe that my green thumbs don't work yet, and until they do start working, I'd like to paint plants.  They can't die here.

- Jordan

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