26 : 100

Monday, June 5, 2017

9" x 12" acrylic on cold press paper

Day 26

Reflection : I didn't fill in all the spaces today.  I noticed as I was putting down the shapes, I was thinking about where to put the next one, what it would look like, and what color it would be.  I looked at my palette and used the surrounding colors.  I never felt like I didn't have what I needed.  I trusted my decisions.  I like to think that everything we do is connected to us, the choices we make have been influenced by past experiences.  What happens to us, what our lives are made of, we bring back out in our actions.  Like a mirror.  I drew a tree once, and had it read by someone, and he knew by looking at my tree the kind of person I was and the kind of upbringing I had.  He knew this based on the shapes I made with my leaves, the placement of the tree on the paper, and the sizes and shapes of branches.  If what we make is us, then that means people can see us in our creations.  If what people see in our creations is themselves, I feel like that just means we're all more connected than we realize.  We don't have to reach out for it, it happens effortlessly when we let it I guess.  If we have the bravery to be authentic and real.

- Jordan

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