What Little Things do You Love?

Friday, March 17, 2017

I'm reading a book about patterns called Living with Pattern by Rebecca Atwood and I've only really skimmed the surface of it.  She does a great job at helping you to ask the right questions about your designs.  Why do you like the things you do?  What is it about that pattern/color/texture/art that makes your heart sing?

I really love muted and pale colors because I become overstimulated with too many bright and contrasting ones.  Comfort for me is anything that is knitted, anything that is a warm beige tone, all things plaid, and a warm cup of coffee.

I love anything that is handmade and flawed because I grew up expected to be perfect.  Making mistakes was unacceptable when I grew up, so criticizing myself for making mistakes was natural.  Becoming an adult, I've realized that is suuuuper not how life should be lived.  Flaws are human, and humans are flawed, and I love that.  So much time has been spent editing myself in the name of perfection, that I'm unsure of who I really am - does anybody really know?  I'll ask myself if the decisions I'm making are my own or other's.  That's why I love kid's art.  My son doesn't go back and erase his drawings, they're completely authentic and unedited.

The quick and carefree marks of a pencil remind me of my son's innocent and uncorrupted drawings.  They're quick and they haven't been overthought out.  They were made with trust and with confidence.  My six year old son doesn't rethink what marks he makes on his paper, he just makes them, and I love that.

Living with Pattern does a great job at encouraging you to realize what it is that you love and why.  Answering these questions can totally translate into your own artwork and designs and help you realize what it is that you're trying to say.

What little things do you love?

- Jordan

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