The Reassurance of Spring - Journal Entry

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My friend let me photograph her the other day.  I've been seeing this bright yellow field of flowers on my drive to school and in the midst of winter, it looked like hope.  I had to go there.

I had to go there, because it was trying to tell me something.  It was pulling me in.  This bright and happy field of flowers was gently reminding me that there will be beauty.  There will be beauty regardless of how bad it might feel.  Growth and death, the never ending cycle, we know for certain will come.  The seasons change, just like the emotions in our bodies.  Sometimes we are called to feel sadness -- I like to think the universe is teaching us when this happens.  Teaching us life lessons to keep us healthy and strong.  To grow us.  Tears, like rain, water the soil and feed the life.

That's what this field was for me.  A conversation about growth and the beautiful abundance that is soon to come.  There's only about a month left of Winter, and I can already see the flowers of Spring.  That makes me happy.


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